Your content is your calling card

The Rainseed Marketing 3 Step Content Builder Process (tm) 

Content marketing isn't rocket science, but it does require some planning, forethought, and intention. If you follow the rainseed marketing 3 step content builder process (tm), you will position yourself to attract and retain more clients.

And, importantly, you will be focused on attracting and retaining more of the right kind of clients


1. Build your messaging framework

Every rainseed client starts with a messaging framework. We get clear on what distinguishes you from your competition, who your optimal clients are, what makes your business special.

In this phase, you receive a messaging kit that you and your team can use in any situation, proposals, web copy, press releases, collateral, presentations, etc.  


2. Fix your website

In my experience, most company's websites are functional. That's a great start! But your site is your face to the world, and if prospects are coming to it and bouncing, then we need to up the value ante for them.

We start with an audit of your site, fix the structure, SEO, and message, and build in value-added content that makes your prospects check in and stick around. 


3. Nurture your prospects

Does this sound familiar?: You are good at bringing in new business, and throw all of your resources at the new clients, ignoring anyone who is interested but not ready to buy quite yet. You are SO not alone. But a lot of work and resources went into attracting the client who is not quite ready to engage. Instead of going out cold for the next client, why not mine the warm leads? 

In this phase, we will set up your nurture marketing machine, including your social media plan, and keep those warm leads warm.