In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Fine tune your firm’s message, so that you can stand out in a sea of other law firms
  • Set up your social media presence in Facebook and Twitter
  • Develop an actionable plan for marketing your practice with social media
  • Attract the right kind of clients. 
  • Stay front of mind for potential clients who aren’t ready to hire quite yet
Allison has a penchant for marketing but her knowledge also translates into sales
process, training and readiness. She has a strong creative ability that adds value to
problem resolution and forward thinking endeavors.
— Trey Flynn

This eCourse is packed with content and will deliver straight to your inbox every Monday starting May 15th. You can do each section at your own pace.

Social Media Mastery

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Part 1: Turn your firm’s message UP

In this module we will dig into messaging elements, uncover your firm’s distinguishing features, and construct a messaging framework that can be used in all of your marketing materials. No more playing small, ok? Your firm has something special to offer clients, let’s make it shine.

  • What your potential clients are really looking for when they check out your social media 
  • What competition?
  • Your firm’s message + brand

Complimentary extras:

  • Messaging framework worksheet
  • Firm branding guidelines

Part 2: Facebook and Twitter essentials

In this module we will cover social media dos and don’ts, identify potential hazards for firms that market using social media, and develop a customized 6 month social media plan.

  • Social media matters
  • The 90/10 rule
  • The actual goal [not just getting clients]
  •  Ethics considerations and social media professionalism

Complimentary extras:

  • Social media 6 month planning guide
  • Social media scheduling worksheet

Part 3: The secret sauce of social media marketing - your personal brand

Your potential clients are not hiring your firm or your logo, they’re hiring you. Your expertise, yes. But you, and they are using social media to determine if there is a connection. In this module, we’ll examine how your personal brand represents your firm’s brand, and discover ways to kick your brand up a few notches to attract and retain more clients.

  • Uncovering your firm’s real message
  • What clients are looking for
  • Quick ways to improve your personal brand
  • Your ideal client

Complimentary extras:

  • Ideal Client worksheet


As an extra bonus for workshop participants, after the course is over it will be packaged and delivered as a downloadable reference that you will have access to - forever. So if you ever want to revisit the course for a refresher, you will have it on hand. ALSO! Just for participants in this workshop, there will be a weekly, in person, conference call for any participants interested in asking questions and discussing the materials real time.


Allison delivers results. She has a rare combination of strategic thinking and detailed execution. She is able to quickly comprehend broad business objectives, focus on the challenges, and deliver solutions. Prompt, passionate, persistent, and personable — we have been very happy as a client.
— Kevin Quan


I am so looking forward to working with you and sharing my 20+ years of marketing experience in the legal industry with you. Together, we will develop a messaging approach and social media plan that will help you to draw more, and better, clients to your firm. I know this is easy to put off, but now is the time. You can make a huge impact on your practice and quality of clients with social media. Jump on in!