Allison delivers results. She has a rare combination of strategic thinking and detailed execution. She is able to quickly comprehend broad business objectives, focus on the challenges, and deliver solutions. Prompt, passionate, persistent, and personable — we have been very happy as a client.
— Kevin Quan
Allison is top talent, capable of aligning complex strategies to individual work streams across a broad team. Allison is exceptionally intelligent yet even more empathetic, this unique paring promotes strong relationships and teaming which achieves more than the culmination of a job well done, it fosters genuine synergies that promotes exceptional results both in her output, and those she consults. Allison has a penchant for marketing but her knowledge also translates into sales process, training and readiness. She has a strong creative ability that adds value to problem resolution and forward thinking endeavors. Her ability to assimilate data and employ the learnings quickly is a highly desirable trait and likely relates to her high IQ. Allison is also tenacious, especially when it pertains to a plan or idea she feels strongly about. This tenacity allows her to have a exceptional focus on both macro, and micro, level details. I strongly and confidently recommend Allison Walsh to effectively increase, improve and enhance your organizations abilities to succeed in effective teaming and to exceed objectives which drives your business.
— Trey Flynn
Allison Walsh is a strong marketing leader with actionable and results-driven outcomes in mind. I highly recommend Allison for any role which requires an intelligent, trustworthy and passionate individual with an amazing ability to connect authentically across people and organizations.
— Andrea Russell