Focus on your Zone of Genius

The first immutable rule of success is that you must stay in your Zone of Genius, focusing on what you do best. You can't be all things to all customers, so why try?

I apply the same rule to my business, so I stay focused on three kinds of companies:


Rainseed Marketing helps established tech companies and tech startups translate complex concepts into compelling stories that engage customers. 

The toughest thing about tech is that is has to be run through a translator and simplified into a commercialized message before it resonates with an end user. If there has been a consistently used skill set in my career, it's that. And I know that we can suss out a differentiated story for your offering. 

Professional Services

Rainseed Marketing helps you tackle the gap between your successful practice and how to effectively market your firm to new clients.

My work with professional services firms over the past twenty years has revealed a common frustration: how to differentiate your practice from all of the other firms that do similar things. I formed rainseed marketing to help professionals approach their marketing from a fresh perspective, concentrating on connecting with the right clients in a genuinely meaningful way and creating clear differentiation from other firms.

I work with architects, specialized medical and dental professionals, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers who just haven’t quite cracked the rainmaking code. Is that you? It’s mighty stressful, right? I can help you!


Microsoft Resellers

Rainseed Marketing helps Microsoft Channel Partners take their marketing from good to great.

The secret to successful client/customer attraction and retention in the Microsoft reseller world isn't rocket science, but it's not always super obvious, either. What it takes is a smart, dedicated approach and plan. You need a balance of high level, strategic planning and roll-up-the-sleeves tactical action. And most of all, you need content that converts and a website that enchants everyone who visits.