The Power of the Niche

My clients know all too well that I am a big BIG fan of getting real about your differentiated message. Without it, how in the heck are we going to distinguish you from other companies like you? This is true in B2B but also B2C, unless your product is truly one of a kind. 

The best way to differentiate is to take a stance on niche offerings or audiences within your business. My years working with Microsoft Dynamics partners has taught me a lot about how unique a business can be, and it's one of the reasons I like working with them so much.

For example, I had one client whose entire business was targeted at rolled product manufacturing companies. Rolled aluminum, plastic, fabric...anything at all that comes in a roll. They have every nuanced need that comes with rolled product manufacturing dialed into the CRM and ERP systems and stand out because of that. Building their content library was a joy, because we could use really exciting and visual language to describe their offerings. Their audience and their offerings were hyper-specialized, and everyone in the business knows who they are. And that's really the point of differentiation. 

Two niche approaches:

Niche offering: If you build a specialized offering, that will necessarily define your audience. For instance, if you build a specific solution for municipal parking authorities, your offering is a perfect example of a niche offering, and drives its own, unique audience. 

Niche audience: If your offering is more basic, think about taking it to a specific industry and becoming a specialist in that industry. For example, your offerings and services might be appropriate out of the box for virtually any kind of business, but what if you double down on law firms, or brick and mortar businesses? Then you can build your message around your expertise in that field. 

Either way, the more specialized you are, the better you will appeal to YOUR most ideal client. 

Are you ready to build your specialized content library?