The Secret Sauce of Social Media Marketing: Your Firm Brand is Your Personal Brand

Happy New Year!

Are you a New Year’s resolution kind of a person? It seems to me that people have finally, FINALLY abandoned the idea that the first of the year will somehow magically transform us.

In the long run, I truly believe that it’s healthier to think of January as just another month. But the significance of new year/new start, doesn’t have to be entirely lost. The truth is, as the year kicks off it IS a good time to review your practice’s business plan, and maybe make some tweaks. You might need to fix something little on your site, or it might be the year for a wholesale brand upgrade. Either way, there is a fundamental principle that is worth bearing in mind as you go about your beginning-of-the-year processes:

Before your clients hire you, they are going to look for information about you. And what they are really looking for some indication that they will connect with you.

Nowadays, even if someone refers you, the next step taken by your potential clients in the vetting process is to find out more about you. This is even true if you are highly, enthusiastically recommended. When I hired my business attorney (who is a rock star and who is the exact perfect fit for me and my business), the person who sent me his contact spelled his name incorrectly when she loaded his info into her phone. So when I went to find him, I came up with nothing. Like, absolutely nothing. It set off alarm bells, and I began to look for another person. Happily, I ran into the person who recommended the attorney and the typo was fixed. After finding out more about him as a person (by checking out his site and social media posts), I hired him.

That’s where your site, your message, and social media come in. Especially social media, which can be leveraged for two critically important functions:

•          Connect with people 1:1. People who are looking you up are looking for a way to understand what kind of person you are, what kind of firm you belong to. They want to relate to you and have a sense whether or not to hire you.

•          (Further) establish your personal brand. You’re a fantastic lawyer. You’re interesting. You’re a great person. There is NO WAY for just a website to accurately convey all of that. Social media allows you to help people understand you a bit better before they make the call.

Even if you eschew New Year’s resolutions like I do, please do take some time this month to review your personal/professional brand (they are one and the same) and dial that shiznit in. If you keep it real, expert, and engaging, you just might see more clients coming your way before Spring!

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