Hi, I'm Allison.
(Nice to meet you!)

I’ve been helping businesses with their marketing since I graduated from law school years ago. And I can tell you this for sure - marketing isn’t particularly complicated, but it does require attention and discipline. I believe that the issue with marketing for many professionals is that there are so darn many ways to do it, it gets overwhelming. But what if we could throw that idea onto its head and instead think of marketing as something that is not only necessary but (wait for it)…FUN! I can help you with this.


I’m here to show how you can:

  • Simplify your firm’s content marketing strategy – into a clear set of actions
  • Refine your message – so that it connects with people
  • Upgrade your website – so that people want not just to work with you, but want to know you
  • Implement a blog and newsletter system – that builds a qualified list of clients and nurtures potential clients
  • Craft effective campaigns and promotions – that prompt people to contact you
  • Broadcast your firm – using the power of the internet, the power of one to one communications, and a magnificently crafted message
  • Connect with clients – making it easier for clients to connect with you

And, while doing this does require time (time that needs to be spent on attracting clients anyway), my methodology is designed to get fast results that can be maintained with concentrated effort.

If it has to do with building differentiated content for your business, I can help.

More about Allison Walsh

After graduating from law school at Gonzaga University in Spokane, I went straight into business. First, working with law firms in the Washington, DC area, then in senior marketing roles at Microsoft in the partner channel, and as Vice President of Marketing with a startup in San Francisco. Along the way, I earned an executive MBA from Columbia University. Always, then and now, my work is about creating brilliant content and strategies to deploy your content. I prefer my relationships with clients to be real, and work to genuinely know the people I serve. It's so much better that way, don't you think?

Originally from Montana, I recently left the bustle of Seattle (via Salt Lake) to live in the mountains outside Missoula, MT. I spend my spare time in the mountains (skiing, hiking, cycling) and discovering the amazing, unexpected secrets held by this beautiful area. Cozy coffee shops, artisan foods, secret camping spots, corner bars (to watch the Zags play!), bike trails, and cute boutiques. And the nicest people on the planet. For real. I stay busy with family, friends, local events, and travel to Park City, Utah every year to service as a volunteer with Sundance Film Festival. (Ask me about my amazing celebrity encounters!)

I figure since I need to work, it's ideal to be doing work I love and with great people. That's where you come in. If your company needs some help with building killer content, then you can initiate the process by filling out the form (click on the button below for that). It goes straight to my inbox and I will respond within one business day. 

Looking forward,