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Thirteen slightly random things about Allison Walsh:

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  1. Speaking of thirteen, I am the 13th JD in my extended family, and have never considered that number unlucky.
  2. Right out of law school I worked for LexisNexis, consulting with firms of all sizes in Washington DC and in various marketing roles. I later went to Workshare as VP of Business Development, and eventually landed at Microsoft, working there as the liaison to the legal community. In a nutshell, I understand lawyers.
  3. I grew up in Montana. And I am deeply, hopelessly in love with that place.
  4. I’m still good friends with people I knew in Kindergarten.
  5. I talk to and for my dog. A lot. He’s hilarious.
  6. I once rode my bike from Venice, Italy to Lake Bled, Slovenia.
  7. I bungee jumped off a bridge for my 45th Birthday. If we become friends I might show you the video.
  8. I love taking those strength finder type tests like Myers Briggs and The Fascination Advantage. And then I insist that my family, friends, and colleagues take them, all in the name of better communication.
  9. I've traveled all over the world and Glacier National Park is still my favorite place on the planet (so far).
  10. Both of my grandfathers were entrepreneurs. They were sweet, strong, and charismatic. And they were badasses in business. I consider both of them to be great examples of how you can be successful, do good work,  and be genuinely likable. I feel compelled and honored to continue their legacies.
  11. I have a paddleboard and dabble in yoga, but have not yet been brave enough to bust out a yoga position ON the paddleboard. Stay tuned.
  12. When I was six years old I broke my leg in a fall from a chair lift. A few years ago, I fell in love in an instant, on a chair lift. I recommend the falling in love kind of chair lift ride a lot more.
  13. I believe that everyone has a superpower. I know mine, do you know yours?